Please note we are not giving medicines to those who wish the conception of only boy after boy. We serve those couples only who have no children or have only baby girls and now want the birth of a baby-boy for the completion of their family. If a couple already has a baby boy, irrespective of the number of baby girls, we very strongly condemn the use of our medicine for such a couple. And if such a couple take our medicine by providing false information, it will be immoral and the result will be on his responsibility. Baby-girls and baby-boys both are gifts from God. So if you have both already, or even one of them the boy, please do not contact us. We serve the couples to gain the happiness of having a son, which is blessing of God.

We strongly believe that as long as we remain selective in choosing customers and use this medicine for the purpose of needy people, God will help us and our medicine will show positive result. And if we make it only business and provoke people use it irrespective of their need, we will not besatisfied.


Many people ask us what is guarantee of your medicine. God has given the man the knowledge and man has prepared many medicines using this knowledge to acquire health benefits.

We are serving humanity since last four decades and we assure you that we have a large number of success stories. We do not give guarantee to any one because if we do so, we are challenging the Almighty God. God gives boy or girl as He desires. But medicine is also a fact. Medicine is the part of God's desire. We only give medicine and pray God to fulfill some one's desire. We believe that our medicine is only a struggle and God accepts our struggle and gives us his gift of son. We also believe that praying God for His blessings is also necessary because without his help and will, we can not find something.

During the years of our practice history, a large number of couples have used our this formula and it has shown us a high rate of successful results that is nearly above of 92%. It is our most trusted formula and has very accurate results. If it is used according to our prescribed instructions, there is no cause that you will not succeed in conceiving a baby boy.

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