preparing medicine to get pregnant with a baby boyThe course of our medicine comprises tablets, capsules and powder and some usefull informations. These are pure herbal products prepared from specific precious herbs and herbal ingredients. We prepare this medicine according to unique and specific formulas and techniques of Ayurveda and Unani-Tibb (Greek-Arab and Indian system of medicine) using our long experience in this field. With the help of Almighty God, a large number of couples who used our medicine to conceive a boy, remained successful and got the birth of male child.

medicine to get pregnant with a boy

This medicine is prepared by traditional methods using the ways specific for preparing herbal medicine. It is not prepared chemically or in pharmaceutical. We prepare it ourselves using special techniques of Ayurveda Unani-Tibb.

Side Effects:

It has zero side effects. We prepare it from 100% pure herbs and herbal ingredients. It does not include any harmful element or ingredient. It is complete safe natural herbal product.

which partner uses medicine:

It is female partner who have to use this medicine and male partner needs nothing.

time of contacting us:

You must contact us before the start of pregnancy. Because you have to take our medicine before the pregnancy starts, so our product should be in your hands before the start of pregnancy. It works during the time of intercourse and make it sure to get pregnant with a baby boy.

duration and procedure of use:

Complete course comprises 22 days. These days are not continuous but there are specific days when medicine has to be used. Medicine is started to use right with the start of Last Menstrual Cycle (Periods). Last Menstrual Cycle means that periods after which you have planned to conceive. With the start of this last period, medicine is started to use on some specific days which are total 22 days. Procedure of medicine to use is specific but simple. Complete details of how to use medicine and some other useful information are sent only after order.

expiry date:

Expiry date is 1 year. On every order, fresh medicine is prepared and shipped. So when you receive medicine, it will be fresh and can be used within 1 year.  next